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Activities in Hydra

Apart from its enduring natural attractions, the beaches, the blue sea, the romantic walks, the tranquility and cosmopolitan nightlife, Hydra offers the visitor a wide variety of unforgettable activities.

Naturally, it's worth taking a short walk to the port of Hydra to visit, browse or simply "gaze" at the quaint little shops along the beach.

Stroll along the cobblestone streets, between the picturesque taverns and small shops with colorful folk art, and admire the Hydra houses with their unique architecture.

In Hydra you must definitely visit :
A. The Historical-Archive Museum of Hydra , which operates daily in the port and displays important museum relics, archival material and a library with valuable publications.
B. The Church of the Assumption (17th century), as well as the Ecclesiastical and Byzantine Museum located in the center of the port.
C. The historical house of Lazaros Koundouriotis in which there is a branch of the National History Museum, the house of Georgios Kountouriotis in which there is a Museum of Post-Byzantine Art and History of Hydra, the house of Iakovos Tombazis in which there is a branch of the School of Fine Arts and the Art and Concert Hall "Melina Mercouri" of the Municipality of Hydra which hosts works by famous artists all year round.

Also in Hydra you can watch :
A. Many cultural events that take place from time to time on the island, such as thematic speeches, exhibitions, cultural evenings, workshops and concerts in the Art and Concert Hall "Melina Mercouri", in the exhibition space of the DESTE Foundation, in the art space of Dimitris Antonitsis , at Sachtouris Mansion, at the Polin Karpida Gallery, at the "Red House" in the port of Kaminia and other art spaces.
B. The events established by the Municipality, which are the "Miaoulia" , a big celebration, which takes place every year at the end of June in honor of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis and the other Admirals of Hydra who offered a lot to Struggle for the Liberation of the Nation, as well as the "Kountouriotia" , which are six-day festivities, organized by the Municipality of Hydra in August, honoring the First President of the Hellenic Republic, Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis of Hydra.
C. Many visitors to the island watch and actively participate in many other events that take place on the island, such as the famous Hydra Carnival at Halloween , the two Sailing races that take place in Hydra on October 28th and March 25th respectively, as well as the mountain running races , which are now established nationwide in the mountain races and take place every year in April in Hydra.

Hydra is famous for its diverse natural environment, which is a paradise of the walker and nature lover. There are eleven tracks which you can follow on foot or by donkey. The view of the island from the hills above is fascinating.

Following the route of these paths amongst wild flowers, the rare “spentzes”, cyclamen, poppies and thyme, you can visit the old monasteries where, in addition to the architecture, you can admire the unique artifacts and exhibits.

By boat or by water taxi from the port of Hydra, you can circumnavigate the island of Hydra, admiring the entire coastline and discovering unique bays, where you can swim in peace away from ‘the madding crowd’.

On some beaches you can enjoy many water sports, including canoeing and kayaking or go fishing from the rocks and snorkeling in the rich fishing grounds.

For those who love "Cinema" , there is the summer cinema "Gardenia" and the Cinema Club of Hydra , where all the good winter movies are shown.

Visitors wishing to discover the unique coastline of the island, G & G Cruises offers all-day cruises, in which you make the tour of the island and swim in crystal clear green-blue waters, in secluded coves.

For the visitors who want, Maria Voulgari guides you to its Monuments, Museums and Mansions Hydra, while at the same time talking to you about the Cultural evolution, the History of Hydra and the role that Hydra had in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The Hydra Diving Center is a must for anyone to experience the rich and colorful images of the beautiful underwater world around the island, a unique, unforgettable diving experience.

At the end of the summer months of July and August, you can travel from Metochi with an 8-seater V.I.P minibus (Tel. 6976594753) to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, to watch a theatrical performance from the summer festival of Epidaurus .

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Activities in Hydra

Hydra, noble, glorious, cosmopolitan, rich in history and traditions with exceptional architecture and unparalleled beauty inspire artists and intellectuals.

Activities in Hydra island

Hydra with its beaches, the blue sea, its events, romantic walks, tranquility and nightlife in cosmopolitan style, offers to the visitors intense activities, so their holidays will stay unforgettable either with their friends or with their families.